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MiniMart - The No Nonsense E-Commerce Application

MiniMart - The "No Nonsense" E-Commerce Application

So you've looked around at the various offerings that other Internet companies have, and you've not been able to get simple answers to a simple problem; "I just want to sell stuff!".

Well the good news is that MiniMart is what you are looking for. Selling your product online is NOT as complicated as so many others would have you think.

MiniMart is a full-featured, yet simple to use Ecommerce app that you can host with us or host with any ColdFusion web hosting company.

MiniMart boasts the following features:

Front End (end-user) Features

  • Multiple categories & subcategories
  • Links to Custom Content Pages.
  • A basic product search and advanced product searches.
  • Price range lookup features.
  • Manufacturer lookup features.
  • Front page can contain automated featured items and sale specials.
  • Customer can add items to cart, edit cart and process their order in "live transaction" format.
  • An order email is sent to the customer AND the store administrator.

Administrative Features

  • You can add/edit categories & subcategories under those categories.
  • You can add/edit products, including fields for thumbnail image, large image and even popup DETAIL image.
  • Product details include Title, SKU (Item Number), a short description, a LONG description (accepts HTML), the product price, the retail price and any sale price.
  • Product details ALSO support the notion of "variations", where you can list sizes, colors or other such possible variants for a particular product (including SKU and/or price variations).
  • Custom Page management, so you can create informational pages at will for your e-commerce site using a simple web-based interface.
  • A "look & feel" system that permits you to create a graphical layout for your site/store and apply it globally across your store and custom pages.
  • Advanced sales tax management by state or even country.
  • Supports Verisign's Payflow live payment systems and even manual order processing (PayPal IPN, SkipJack and LinkPoint gateways are in Beta).
  • Supports a variety of shipping options including tiered price shipping, tiered by weight and flat rate.
  • Supports a Catalog Mode where "order features" are disabled but you can still display the product.
  • Have multiple administrators in the back end with varying levels of access.
  • Customize your "Order Notices" and "Merchant Notices".
  • Has an Inventory System so you can track your orders vs. inventory.
  • Great order fulfillment & order shipping interfaces so you can print out your "Shipper" and "Invoice" sheets for the order.
  • Order lookup reports.


Screen Shots


In Action

Want to see the product in ACTION? Check out some of these sites that are using our product in various ways.



MiniMart has the following System Requirements

  • Macromedia ColdFusion Server 4.5 or better.
  • MSSQL Server (Supports MS Access as well, but it is not recommended)
  • SSL Cert if you intend to collect credit card data.
  • A merchant account compatible with the gateway you choose to use.


Price: Only $ 600.00!

Installation, Custom Changes and Hosting services available. Get your store online and selling in only a few days!

If you have any questions about MiniMart, please do fill out our Contact Form.


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