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Ecobuilder - Electronic Community Builder

Instant Intranets, Extranets, Portals and Online Community Applications!

When General Ribbon Corporation needed to build out an extranet so their customers could interact with their sales & marketing staff online, they turned to Ecobuilder.

When was looking for a pre-built authentication & community framework platform to add custom features to and get online quickly and cost effectively, they turned to Ecobuilder. 

When Fira Cosmetics wanted to build out a complex ecommerce system into a solid foundation of community that would serve to enhance their bottom line in sales, they turned to Ecobuilder.

Ecobuilder continues to solve problems and save money for our clients. In addition to authoring the software, we also offer custom design, development and hosting packages for our Ecobuilder product line.

If you have been charged with creating an online community, public (or private) Portal, or even need to build a extranet or intranet quickly and within your budget, Ecobuilder is precisely what you need!

With Ecobuilder's unique architecture created by people who have known online communities since before the "world-wide web", you can create your online solution literally within HOURS of installing the software.

Save thousands in development costs and achieve an interactive application-based & authenticated website. All the work has been done for you with a lot of room left for even more customization that you would wish to make. Ecobuilder can expand your ideas and dreams into reality... TODAY.

You're Soaking in it!

BTW, this website is entirely built and managed using our Ecobuilder software. It provides all the interactive features that you can see by exploring the website including such features as our Knowledgebase, the Content Management, KEY based access to protected pages and the site news (and more!).


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