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Happy 10th Birthday Annex!

Written by Gregory Gooden

Friday April 26, 2002

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2001 was a very challenging year for just about everyone in the Internet industry. Everything was "Coming Up Roses" for the Internet, and then early in 2001 was the infamous "dot-bomb". Many companies, both big and small, fell. Indeed, we were affected by the doubt and uncertainty that arose from the shaking of faith in the digital revolution. We made our own adjustments, and we're here today to tell you about it, when countless many are not.

Some would tell you that the Internet gold rush is over, but those messages are mis-informed (if not a bit jaded/cynical).

To whit: When you pick up your telephone to call your mother in some other state (or country), do you stop and think about the technology that permits you to do so? I'm guessing; NO. The telecommunications race was amazing, but today we all take it for granted. That industry had to go through its own trials and tribulations, but it certainly wasn't going to fail, simply because of its utility to people.

For the Internet, 2001 simply "burst the dotcom bubble" by telling everyone that the Internet is NOT immune from the very same basic business principles that have driven capitalism from the very beginning of time:

  1. Have an innovative product idea that people need or want.
  2. Ensure that people can get that product from you at the price they are willing to pay.
  3. Get that product to market in a manner that permits you to sell it for less than you produce it for (PROFIT).

Again, business principles have NOT changed (I suspect they never shall) in the wake of the Internet. You must have something the people want, you must market it to them, and you must give them some service that they recognize as exceptional for a value that they appreciate. Only THEN can you actualize some revenue through the Internet (and the Internet IS utility in its purest form!).

These principles are not much different than the Lemonade Stand that you may have had when you were a child. (I got MY lessons in economic realities through Junior Achievement when I was in high school).

I attribute Annex's success and survival during these "wake up!" times, to our dedication to the very same principles expressed above. Our clients feel the very same energy (We have a high amount of client longevity and loyalty).

Since January of 1992, Annex has been developing online communities & businesses, while establishing customer loyalty through the solid business principles of good service, honest delivered value, and a genuine understanding and concern for the customer's business/offering. We certainly don't intend to change those patterns.

5 years from now, people will take the Internet for granted JUST like they take their telephone calls for granted. It's really all about utility. You have an opportunity to be part of that "for granted (business:profit)", and a company like ours is going to assist you in getting there. We believe it should be US.

Give us a call @ 800-462-6639, so we can demonstrate to you how we can get you there. :)


Gregory F. Gooden

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